Don't Money Alone

Smart Money Moves, Together

We believe everyone should be financially free, free from stress about money, and free to live the life they want.

We believe, managing money should be easy, and money experts shouldn't just be for the rich.

We believe with the right guidance, and coaching we can create the wealthiest generation of Americans.

Money Circles are your personal finance groups to help you make the right money moves, and unleash your financial potential. 


Together, we can do better, and go farther.

Meet Your Coaches

Expert money coaches, adored for combining their expertise and compassion

with infectious energy and seamless facilitation skills.

Amy Schultz 

Head Coach (CMC)®

With a background in Actuarial Finance, Amy is all about helping people gain a deeper understanding of their unconscious behaviors, patterns, and beliefs around money that prevent them from building the life they love.

Claire Coleman, 

Money Coach (CMC)®

With a background in sociology and a Buddhist upbringing, Claire believes everyone deserves a chance to receive compassionate guidance to achieve an abundant life, financial clarity, and success.

Altagracia Felix

Money Coach (CMC)®


Alta's strategy is to lead with empathy and create a safe space where her clients can openly explore their finances without shame or guilt. She firmly believes that mistakes are a part of life and encourages her clients to find the lessons in their experiences. 

Eboney Byrne

Money Coach (CMC)®


Eboney is focused on helping women rebuild their financial and emotional lives in a shame- and judgment-free environment and to make lasting financial and emotional changes while building a legacy for themselves and their families.

Safe Space for Money

"I felt alone when it came to money, 

I didn't feel comfortable talking to my family, or even my

husband about my finances.

 But in my very first Money Circle session, I think I found my tribe of women...who to had also struggled with money,

it was so powerful to see their progress, and learn from them.

For the first time I truly felt supported."


Mel, Entrepreneur, Detroit

Be BOlder

Unleash Your Financial Potential

Here's what you'll get

  • Interactive, coach-led small Group Workshops

  • Your personal Financial Atlas and plan to make the right financial moves

  • Your personal Money Coach, text anytime

  • Access to our Money Masterclasses led by financial experts

  • Access to our exclusive Community, and network of experts

  • Personalized Product Recommendations and exclusive resources

  • Discounted 1:1 Coaching sessions



per month



"Not only did I get a clear plan for how to pay down my debt,

but my coach was also able to help me find almost $400 

that I didn't realize I could be saving each month"

Jen, Designer, Cleveland