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About the 5-Week Program


If you’ve ever felt afraid to go after the role you wanted or chickened out of “the talk” about your salary or promotion, this program was made for you.

Our coaches and expertly designed program will help you understand your emotional triggers around money, and guide you in building a healthy relationship with money to unlock a more equitable position for yourself at work.

What You'll Learn 

Each weekly coaching session will systematically take you through the key components of building your financial confidence, so you can unlock the life you want.


Week 1

Money Foundations

In our first session, we help you understand where money, and money decisions are showing up in your personal and professional life. We also take you through your personal Money Atlas that includes activities, and exercises to help you make progress each week.

We’ll also guide you in developing your personal net worth tracker, so that you can begin understanding how you’re doing financially.


Week 2


In our second week, you’ll complete the Money Story exercise to identify behaviors, beliefs and triggers that might be holding you back when it comes to money. We then guide you to identify new role models, and goals, so you can begin transforming your relationship with money.


Week 3

Self-Worth & Net Worth

In week three, you’ll begin putting in practice your new attitude and beliefs around money, by practicing different money scenarios and conversations.


Week 4

Intentionality & Money

This week we’ll uncover where you’re spending your money and your energy. We’ll help you pinpoint hidden spends, and help you become more intentional with your money, so you’re spending on things that give you joy.


Week 5

Getting to Goals

Now that we’re getting intentional with money, our final week is spent getting specific about our personal, and professional goals, and redirecting our finances to fund them. We’ll help you break down your goals into actionable steps, and before you finish, we’ll provide you with the support and accountability you need to begin achieving your goals.

Uncover Your Worth

“I put so much pressure on myself working up to my annual review, doing all the research, and making a case for why I deserved more...but I didn't realize that I needed more than facts to make my case.


Completing the program not only helped me to understand how to think and talk about money at work, but also helped me to reset how I thought about my self-worth, all while putting a plan in action to get financially organized”

– Brit, Designer, Denver

We’re Your Financial Support System




Coaches provide ongoing behavioral & emotional guidance​ so you never get stuck




Work alongside others with the same goals, learn from, and support each other


Support & Calls

Join coaching calls to stay on track


Exclusive Resources

Get access to exclusive resources, and financial products, to support you on your journey

Money at Work

5 Week to Financial Confidence

Here's what you'll get

  • Weekly, interactive, 1-hour coach-led small group sessions

  • Your personal Money Atlas with exercises, activities, and guidance to help you succeed financially

  • Your personal Financial Map and recommendations to help you make the right financial moves and avoid financial FOMO

  • Actionable understanding of your relationship with money and how to overcome your limiting beliefs

  • Interactive role play and strategies to make money conversations and decisions easier

  • Ongoing support and community connection

  • Anytime access to coaches and money experts

  • Annual access to the money community with exclusive tools and systems to work towards your goals

Join our 5-week 1-hour coaching programs starting June 23rd plus get everything listed above at our early birds rate.



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Meet Your Coaches

Expert money coaches, adored by every participant for combining their expertise and compassion with infectious energy and seamless facilitation skills.

Amy Schultz 

Head Coach (CMC)®

With a background in Actuarial Finance, Amy is all about helping people gain a deeper understanding of their unconscious behaviors, patterns, and beliefs around money that prevent them from building the life they love.

Claire Coleman, 

Money Coach (CMC)®

With a background in sociology and a Buddhist upbringing, Claire believes everyone deserves a chance to receive compassionate guidance to achieve an abundant life, financial clarity, and success.

Altagracia Felix

Money Coach (CMC)®


Alta's strategy is to lead with empathy and create a safe space where her clients can openly explore their finances without shame or guilt. She firmly believes that mistakes are a part of life and encourages her clients to find the lessons in their experiences. 

Eboney Byrne

Money Coach

Eboney is focused on helping women rebuild their financial and emotional lives in a shame- and judgment-free environment and to make lasting financial and emotional changes while building a legacy for themselves and their families.