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Escape the 9 to 5

Learn how to take the leap, and work flexibly forever

About the Workshop


Want to work remote forever?


Ever wondered when you should you quit your job and focus on your startup or side hustle?


Will you have enough money and runway to make it to the promised land?


Our Escape Your 9 to 5 workshop will help you to take the right steps to build your financial support system and give you confidence to take the leap.

What You'll Learn 

Interactive, 60-min group workshop to guide you with practical steps to take to fund your startup dreams or your flexible career, as well as do the inner work to develop your confidence to take the leap.

Get Organized

From your work life, to your personal life, and your finances. We'll show you how to get organized before you take the leap. 

Right Money Moves

Understand the financial moves to make, so you don't have to worry about whether you'll have enough. We'll show you how to ensure money isn't holding you back from following your dreams.

Unleashing Your Courage

We'll help you understand the inner work you need to do to take the leap. How to leverage that inner voice to your advantage.

Take That Leap

You're not alone. Work with a coach and join the community of founders who've taken the leap.

Give Notice

“Working with Ready.Steady.Money. helped me get my finances in order, and gave me the confidence to quit, and focus on my startup idea, and go on my own for a bit.

I just gave notice, and I can’t be more excited!”

– Alex, Product Manager, NY

Join our 1-hour workshop to understand the financial moves you should be making today so you can follow your startup dreams


4th August, 7pm

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