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We believe you can take control and find happiness in your financial life.

We gently guide you away from habits and behaviors that take away from your financial success and move you toward a world of financial freedom. 

We help you to in a supportive way take a hard look at your money behaviors and craft a toolkit that works for you through small things you can do today.

When personalized care means broadening perspectives instead of narrowing options.

In everything we do, we constantly ask ourselves, “How do we support you on your path to financial freedom?”

And we relentlessly push ahead and forge a path to your complete success. 

Meet The Team


Siddharth Singh


Like most people, Sid has always had a complicated relationship with money, but when he saw his closest friends and family sacrificing their lives for money, staying in jobs and relationships they hated just because there was 'security', he knew there had to be a better way.


Sid has spent the last few years working with the biggest financial services companies, seeing first hand how they're working very hard to keep people in a cycle of confusion, anxiety and debt.

Sid is now on a mission to make guidance around money, simple and human.

Amy Schultz

Co-Founder & Head Coach

Amy is the Head Money Coach at Ready.Steady.Money. She began her career helping large companies manage wealth but became a money coach after recognizing how people in her life needed a more practical and human approach to money management.

As a Certified Money Coach, Amy utilizes a powerful psycho-dynamic coaching model that combines practical financial guidance with sound coaching principles to help you deeply explore, understand and transform your relationship with money.


Amy is passionate about helping people gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious behaviors, patterns, and beliefs around money that prevent them from building the life they love.

Meet Our Coaches

Claire Coleman.jpg

Claire Coleman, Money Coach

Claire is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, and with a background in sociology and a Buddhist upbringing, she feels everyone deserves a chance to receive compassionate guidance to achieve an abundant life, financial clarity, and success.

Claire's mission is to help clients discover their unconscious feelings, behaviors, and beliefs around money as well as provide tactical support. Claire’s coaching practice is rooted in behavioral sciences, offering practical tools, and compassionate guidance.


Altagracia Felix, Money Coach

Altagracia is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who incorporates mindfulness & compassionate guidance in her coaching. She worked in various financial fields, from corporations to academia, before realizing her passion for helping others heal financial trauma and create financial security. 

Her strategy is to lead with empathy and create a safe space where her clients can openly explore their finances without shame or guilt. She firmly believes that mistakes are a part of life and encourages her clients to find the lessons in their experiences. Altagracia is passionate about helping others overcome their money traumas to become more self-aware, create financial balance, and transform their relationship with money. 


Eboney Byrne, Money Coach

Eboney is a Certified Financial Educator, Money Coach, and the founder of Liberty Financial Services. Her mission to help women build their financial legacy after divorce was born after surviving her own financially devastating experience.

Eboney has taken that knowledge and created coaching programs that help women rebuild their financial and emotional lives in a shame- and judgment-free environment. This approach empowers her clients to make lasting financial and emotional changes while building a legacy for themselves and their families.


Ryan Sterling, CFA

Ryan Sterling is the founder of Future You Wealth, a successful wealth manager and sought after holistic wealth coach, speaker, and published author of “You’re Making Other People Rich”. As a financial advisor, he challenges and inspires people to live life on their terms by taking accountability and action over their wealth. Ryan has personally worked with thousands of people to help go from being a consumer of “stuff” to an owner of capital and life on their terms.

He has been featured in media outlets such as Business Insider, CNN Money, Huff Post, and is a TEDx speaker. He has earned his MBA and the distinction of Chartered Financial Analyst. Before starting Future You Wealth, he worked at some of the world’s leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, AllianceBernstein and Capital Group. Ryan resides in New York City with his amazing wife and best friend, Lauren and their adorable rescue Pit Bull Mix, Cali. When he’s not working, he’s usually training for a marathon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Coaching

What is Financial Coaching?

Money is in the category of things we’re expected to know all about, and be experts at, but no one ever really teaches us about it. 😏 Financial coaching is about helping you achieve your financial and life goals, by addressing both the numerical side of personal finance: i.e. how much you should save, what to prioritize, how to budget, and the behavioral side of money i.e. why you might struggle to save, how to build healthy habits around money, or how to overcome the stress around financial decisions.

Who is a Financial or Money Coach?

Name a challenge we face in life, and there's bound to be a coach for it. Struggling with your weight? Get a fitness coach. Want that promotion? Hire a career coach. Want to feel more fulfilled on a daily basis? Get a life coach. Looking to reach financial goals or build wealth or seeking guidance on making sound financial decisions? Say hi to your Financial Coach! Our coaches are certified experts, who are trained in both the behavioral and personal finance side of money. They’ll help you understand your relationship with money, organize your financial life, help you identify, and build your life goals, establish and uphold personalized habits and behaviors around money. All in the spirit of helping you achieve your goals in a non-judgmental space.

How is a Coach Different from a Financial Advisor or Planner?

Financial Advisors, usually are more like money managers - they help you understand your investment options and help you pick the right investment mix for your portfolio. They’ll usually expect you to have a minimum amount of wealth they can manage before they take you on, meet you a couple of times a year, and often have complex fee structures. Unlike a financial advisor, our financial coaches don’t handle your money, and won't provide investment recommendations. Rather, they do the more important and necessary work to help you face the emotional and behavioral challenges you may face, while pursuing your life and financial goals. They’ll be with you as often as you need them to provide insight, knowledge, support, encouragement, accountability, and actionable tools to help you make informed decisions.

Is Financial Coaching Right for Me?

Whether you grew up with generational wealth, or are an immigrant working hard towards your American dream, we believe everyone needs a coach, we can all be a little better with money! Our programs will be extremely helpful to you if:

  • You believe money, or money worries are holding you back from truly following the career path you want
  • You believe you’re working hard, but still feel you don’t have enough money each month
  • You aspire to building your own startup or side business one day, and want to get ready for that leap
  • You’re going through a change in circumstances - whether getting married, or planning on having kids, and want to make sure you’re financially prepared
  • You’re planning on big financial moves - whether it’s buying a house one day, or spending summers in europe and don’t know where to start
  • You’re looking to get organized around your money life, whether that’s getting a handle on your debt, always wanted to learn how to manage your day-to-day finances
A coach is here to be your wing-person, your personal money expert. The same way, a tennis coach might help you master that backhand, our coaches will help you master money.

Why do I need to think about the emotional or behavioral side of money?

It’s easy to forget how much impact money decisions or thinking about money can have on your daily lives. It’s often the main reason why couples fight, it can be a source of stress at work, and source of conflict within families. It can also mean why you might be in a job or relationship you hate, or never take that leap to start your business, believing you don’t have enough. But it’s not about how much you have, or how much you make, it’s about how you react to circumstances and decisions around money - from a point of scarcity and anxiety or one of abundance and confidence. Our programs are designed to help you understand and build a strong foundation with money, that enables you to make sound, rational decisions around money, stick to your goals, and achieve the financial freedom you want.

Coaching Sessions

How are programs structured?

Each program starts with a holistic review of your personal financial picture, as well as a deep dive into understanding your emotional relationship with money - which is often the core cause of why most people struggle with money. This is the first step in any engagement, and is made up of four key components: 1. Money Emotions and Behaviors 2. Finances Today 3. Daily Money 4. Future Self Our sessions are designed to systematically take you from building the fundamentals around a healthy relationship and behaviors with money to getting practical and specific about how to achieve goals, and other milestones in your life.

What do I have to bring to my session?

We’ll send you details in advance of your session, but the most important thing you can bring is an open attitude, and belief in yourself! We know talking about money can be difficult, and uncomfortable - our coaches understand the courage it takes to open up, and offer an unbiased, and non-judgmental safe space for you to explore all facets of your money life. In addition, you'll be asked to complete activities and exercises each week, that will really help you get the most out of the experience.

Will the sessions be confidential?

Completely, and also totally free from judgement or bias. We’d be the first to acknowledge we were bad with money, and have had our struggles throughout, but facing those challenges with help has been transformative. We ask that each participant, understand and agree to our program and session norms, and we will ensure we enforce them through out working with you. All our video calls, and communications are secure, and all your information comply with local privacy regulations.

How do the sessions happen?

Sessions are typically held over video conference, and at a time that works for you, we’d recommend finding a space that you consider safe and with enough privacy. You’re working on a critical part of your life, and you should feel completely free and confident in saying whatever you like, standing up and pacing around if it helps, or even screaming into the void for a second to let it all out.

Why group sessions? How do group sessions work?

In many ways, group programs can be more effective, and powerful, as they tap into shared accountability and mission for participants. Our group programs are specially curated to help a select group to work together towards common goals, and also more economical vs. 1:1 coaching. The program is designed to support you both at a group and individual level, and we make sure to uphold the highest standards of discussion.


What if I Need more Help or Guidance?

We offer additional longer 1-on-1 coaching packages depending on what you need, and beyond that you can also set up one-off calls with your coach whenever you need someone to bounce of your thoughts off or just an impartial voice. You can also reach out to us at if you have additional questions.

What if I Need to Cancel my Sessions?

We understand life often throw up roadblocks, and we’d be very happy to re-schedule if you give us more than 24 hours notice.

Do the coaches work with couples?

Yes! Some of our coaches specialize in working with couples - money is one of the top reasons for disagreement and conflict in relationships, and our coaches can help you and your partner understand how to untangle it from underlying issues, and create a safe environment to have frank and productive discussions around how money can serve your relationship.

Can I Sign my Friend, Partner or Kids for Coaching?

Totally! What’s better than giving a financial edge to your family? If you think financial coaching is right for someone special in your life, you can contact us by emailing to set up a gift voucher for them. We do believe that people need to be invested in improving their financial wellbeing, so we recommend starting with an open discussion with your partner or kid, to see if they’re ready, before signing them up.

Group Programs

How Can a Coach Help Me?

Our coaches can help with a range of money issues - from helping you get organized, to help you understand and develop your life and financial goals, and then being your accountability partner as you achieve them. But some of the key outcomes coaches can help you with:

  • Understand and Improve Financial Picture: How you’re doing financially today, how prepared you’re for the future, as well as address the emotional impact money is having on you.
  • Transform Your Money Behaviors and Build Your Financial Edge: Both, help you understand your behaviors and money personality, so that you know what to watch out for and building systems and processes to help you improve.
  • Get Organized and Intentional with Money: Our coaches will help you get financially organized, and make sense of all your financial options, and help you be more intentional with your spending, so you’re spending aligns with your goals and your values.
  • Keep You Accountable and Get Results: Not only do coaches help you develop better money management skills, they’ll also be with you every step of the way ensuring you have a better chance of achieving your financial and life goals.
  • Overcome the Personal Finance Challenges: From building up your savings, paying down debt faster, improving your credit score to ultimately building your overall financial confidence, we have strategies, systems and tools for all.

What sort of goals can I work towards?

Everyone is unique, some people know the goals they want to work towards, many of us don't know what goals could even be. Our programs will help you figure out and prioritize the goals you should be working towards and get you on the path to achieving those. Some of the goals and outcomes we’ve helped participants with include:

  • Escaping the 9 to 5: Saving enough and building confidence to quit their jobs to work on their side hustles and startups
  • Becoming Debt Free: wrangling their debt and getting intentional about their spending
  • Setting up their financial systems and growing professionally: paying down their student debt, and make the most of starting a new job
  • Making Big Life Decisions: moving to a new city, country, or designing a nomadic lifestyle they dream of
  • Building the Lifestyle They Want: defining the lifestyle they want to live and finding ways to fund it
  • Getting Back on Track after a Major Life Event: recovering from divorce, job loss, or another setback; getting their financial life in order and building their confidence for the future
The Ready.Steady.Money. coaches are here to be your co-pilots, your personal money experts. The same way, a tennis coach might help you master that backhand, our coaches will help you master money.

Who is this program right for?

This program has been specially designed to help participants build a strong foundational relationship with money, so that they can truly pursue their careers free from stress about money. This program will be extremely helpful to you if:

  • You believe money, or money worries are holding you back from truly following the career path you want
  • You believe you’re working hard, but still feel you don’t have enough money each month
  • You aspire to building your own startup or side business one day, and want to get ready for that leap
  • You’re going through a change in circumstances - whether getting married, or planning on having kids, and want to make sure you’re financially prepared
  • You’re planning on big financial moves - whether it’s buying a house one day, or spending summers in europe and don’t know where to start
  • You’re looking to get organized around your money life, whether that’s getting a handle on your debt, always wanted to learn how to manage your day-to-day finances
This program is not for you:
  • Only want to focus on investing, we’ll cover that in our next program, but we believe this course is an important prerequisite before you jump into investing
  • If you’re looking for investment advice or figure out your taxes - we won’t be talking about investments or taxes, we’ll definitely cover why you might have an emotional reaction to thinking about both those topics, and how not to stress about either.

What’s the time and work investment

The program is 1 hour weekly sessions over 5 weeks, where we’ll cover the key components of resetting your relationship with money. Each session will end with an introduction to a take-home activity that should not take you more than an hour, this exercise will form the basis of the following weeks session, and is necessary pre-work to make sure you’re getting the best out of the experience. The total time commitment estimate for the program therefore is about 10 hours over the course of the 5 weeks.

What happens after I complete the program?

Following the completion of the program you’ll automatically be a member of the community, and have the opportunity to continue working with your peers and the coaches towards the career and financial goals you’ve identified, either as part of a group or 1:1 with a coach. Additionally, you’ll automatically get access to on-going events, and other resources through our Mighty Networks channel where you can continue to tap into the expertise and support you need to achieve your goals.

Can I participate in just one session? Can I try it out?

The program has been designed to help you through a journey of transforming your relationship with money, which requires both commitment and focus, and so we don’t currently offer a trial or dropping in on one session. But if you're interested in learning more, just email us at, and we can help you understand how this might be right for you.

What if I don’t like it? Or I can’t join every session?

We’ll work with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of the program. We’re running multiple sessions each week, which means if you miss one there is an opportunity to catch up, although we don’t encourage that as we’d like you to stay with your money circle throughout the program.

Is there a refund?

We don’t offer a refund for the program, but we’ll allow you to transfer your spot to another participant before the kick off of the program